Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial
Nano Sponge Facial

Nano Sponge Facial

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Nano Sponge Facial Version

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Are you prepared to embrace a rejuvenated, radiant, and revitalized complexion? Our Nano Sponge Facial is your all-in-one solution for addressing hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Featuring a staggering 3,000,000 sea sponge particles, our Nano Sponge Facial offers a controlled and gentle exfoliation experience. When this 100% Natural Sea Sponge is delicately massaged onto your skin, it penetrates the epidermis, effectively loosening the connection between the uppermost skin layer and the underlying layers. As a result, your skin undergoes a gentle shedding process.

During this transformative journey, any discoloration issues like hyperpigmentation, age spots, or scars that reside on the skin's surface gradually lift away, unveiling a fresh, healthy, and luminous skin canvas. Beyond refining skin tone, this shedding process also works wonders for texture, rendering your skin visibly smoother and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Even the often-dreaded acne scar "pitting" becomes less prominent.

Our Nano Sponge Facial leverages the body's natural scar-healing response to enhance cell renewal, stimulate collagen production, and boost skin metabolism and collagen regeneration. This multi-pronged approach enables us to address a variety of skin concerns within a single facial treatment.

- Pigmentation Concerns
- Acne
- Scarring
- Fine Lines & Wrinkles


What Can I Expect?

Depending on the application and skin type, you can expect dramatic peeling or flaking between days 3 and 5. Most people will go from the day of application, to peeling/flaking to fully rejuvenated skin within 7 days.


Our facial is not a 'deep' peel, and is safe to complete in the comfort of your home. Being a superficial peel, without using chemicals to encourage the skin to shed or peel, means that our facial has a very high safety profile and is safe to use with all skin types, regardless of how dark your skin tone is. 

Each kit provides one use; please note packaging may differ from photo.

Let's be real here, our Nano Sponge Facial is highly effective and simply to use. But, you aren't going to eliminate every single bit of hyperpigment, age spot or wrinkle in one facial. While our facial is the ultimate resurfacer of skin, we need to work in layers at a time. We recommend 4 facials for optimal results, and if you are someone who is experiencing hormonal based hyperpigmentation, we recommend using our Brightening Kit to maintain results and block melanin over production on a cellular level.

You do need to follow our instructions for this treatment to be effective. As we have mentioned, it is not a chemical peel. The effectiveness of our facial is very dependent on massaging the facial into the skin long and hard enough, and not over hydrating the skin after the facial has been applied.


- Rejuvenate dull or tired looking skin

- Brighten Hyperpigmentation

- Reduce The Appearance Of fine lines and wrinkles

- Reduce The Appearance Of  Scarring

- Promote an even texture and complexion