12 Week De-Pigmentation Kit

12 Week De-Pigmentation Kit

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I have made this kit especially for those wanting to get rid of hyperpigmentation on a timeline. If you've got an event coming up, a date that you're working to, or maybe you are just simply impatient to get your hyperpigmentation gone, then this is the kit for you. Please note that before this kit is sent out, a consultation is required. This can be done via instagram, or a pre arranged phone call.

I am so confident with this kit, and I know you're going to see dramatic, long lasting results. I am that confident, that if you see zero results, I will give you your money back.

This is a 12 week kit that combines a simple daily routine with professional grade, strong (yet gentle on skin) chemical peels to tackle hyperpigmentation on three fronts. 

This kit exfoliates skin on a deep level to help lift dead skin, promote faster cell turnover, and increase skin elasticity to reveal fresh, new and glowy skin. Our melanin blockers stop new hyperpigmentation forming on a cellular level and reduce the break up the amount of hyperpigmentation already sitting on the surface of the skin. We then combine our clinically active brightening ingredients, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and fruit acids to brighten discolouration, pigment and age spots to fade the darkness of these uneven sections of skin to promote a bright, clear and even complexion.

This kit uses a combination of natural, clinically active and clinically proven ingredients and formulas that have been shown to fade and lighten resistant hyperpigmentation.

This kit includes:

  • 2 X Brightening Cleansers
  • 2 X Super Serum
  • 2 X Mandelic Serum
  • 2 X Brightening Complex
  • 1 X Pigment Peel
  • 1 X Mandelic Peel
  • 1 X Hyperpeel
  • 1 X Salicylic Peel