Prebiotic Moisturiser

Prebiotic Moisturiser

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Introducing our exceptional Prebiotic Moisturizer, a gentle yet powerful formulation crafted with nourishing prebiotics and our exclusive Renew Complex. This extraordinary moisturizer is designed to replenish, hydrate, and balance your skin, providing the essential boost needed to promote healthy, revitalized, and decongested skin.

Enriched with prebiotics, this moisturizer works in harmony with your skin's natural microbiome, fostering a beneficial environment for its optimal health. By replenishing and nourishing the beneficial bacteria on your skin's surface, it supports a balanced complexion and fortifies your skin's natural defense system.

Infused with our exclusive Renew Complex, this moisturizer further enhances its rejuvenating properties, delivering intense hydration and replenishment to your skin. Experience the true magic as it revitalizes and promotes a healthy, decongested appearance.

Elevate your skincare routine with our exceptional Prebiotic Moisturizer and unlock the secrets to radiant, harmonious skin. Give your skin the nourishment it deserves and enjoy the transformative results of this truly exceptional formulation.

✔️ Balances Skin Microbiome

✔️ Brightens overall complexion

✔️ Newly formulated for increased luminosity, brightening and hydration

✔️ Targets redness, blemishes and acne scarring

✔️ Targets Acne

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Our moisturiser starts rebalancing and protecting your skin from the very first use.

- Pre and Probiotics normalise  and balance your skins microbiota and reduces bacteria. Supports the skins defence against bad microbes, restructures skin and improves texture.

- Renew Complex stimulates your skin's renewal process. This beauty has been shown to accelerate the recovery of your skin's barrier function, regardless of skin health.

Shea to moisturise, maintain elasticity, soothe and reduce irritation.

Formulated Without:  Parabens, Sulphates SLS and SLES, Phthalates and Mineral Oils.

  • Evening Primrose and Rosehip Oil to hydrate soothe and calm whilst delivering anti-oxidants and ant-inflammatory properties to promote regeneration and repair

  • Vitamin E to provide the skin with high anti-oxidants, protection and exfoliation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles