Do you have hyperpigmentation? Did you purchase our Nano Sponge Facial? Congratulations! You are on your way to clear, bright skin ;)

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Firstly, if you have purchased our Nano Sponge Facial for hyperpigmentation, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!! You are well on your way to clearer, brighter and FRESH skin..

Hyperpigmentation is basically the over production of pigment (melanin) in the skin. Often, it will happen more in darker skin tones because there is already more melanin in the skin. Hyperpigmentation is one of the most frustrating skin concerns to alleviate, and Windyigarn was built on hyperpigmentation. We've got you covered with our Nano Sponge Facial ;)

The reason hyperpigmentation is one of the most frustrating skin concerns to because the process can be slowwwwww...Some types of hyperpigmentation can fade gradually over the time. Other types of hyperpigmentation just stays put, particularly if it's melasma, chloasma or hormonal caused hyperpigmentation.

So, why is our Nano Sponge Facial one of the best decisions you'll make for helping get rid of your hyperpigmentation? Fading hyperpigmentation requires exfoliating many layers of the discoloured skin, to allow fresh, clear skin to come through to the skin surface. This usually happens slowly, and layer by layer at a time.

The best thing about our Nano Sponge Facial, is that when used correctly, it will encourage a skin peel that sheds several layers of skin at a time. One facial significantly speeds up the de-pigmentation process, resulting in brighter and clearer skin as the upper layers of the skin surface is shed.

1) The darker the pigment - generally the easier the results starts to come.

2) No Treatment (NO TREATMENT) is a one size fits all and can remove every single piece of hyperpigmentation in one application.

Tip; Make sure you are using Next Level Brightening Complex for aftercare results and the best chance you can give your skin to get the winning edge over your pigment issues!!

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