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Prebiotic Balancing Serum & Mask Bundle

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Our antioxidant and nutrient rich Prebiotic Balancing Mask (50ML) has been formulated to alleviate problem skin by tackling acne by balancing, nourishing and soothing your skin.
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Directions: Cleanse and tone your face. Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to skin and massage using circular motions. Allow to soak into skin, and follow with your favourite Moisturiser.
Main Ingredients: Quandong, Kakadu, Quora Noni and Prebiotics
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Our antioxidant and nutrient rich Prebiotic Balancing Mask (50ML) and Serum (30ML) have been formulated to alleviate problem skin by tackling acne. This beauty is made up of Quora Noni, Antioxidants and Prebiotics designed to balance, nourish and soothe skin. Your skin will feel nourished, rejuvinated and healthy with an intense hydration boost.

Our Prebiotic Balancing Mask focuses on replenishing and rebalancing your skin, so that the skin can effectively fight acne and bacteria by itself. Most acne products sterilise the skin, killing the bacteria that causes acne and blemishes. This can be disruptive for your skin, and bacteria can get used to products which can result in having to consistently switching out previous skin care for new. Our Prebiotic Balancing Serum and Prebiotic Balancing Mask focuses on bringing your skin to it's optimal health, so that it can effectively resolve acne by itself continuously. 

Kakadu, Quandong and Copper make a perfect anti-oxidant combination in fighting free radicals and targeting fine lines and wrinkles. This trio effectively targets inflammation of your skin, whilst copper works on keratin synthesis, collagen and elasticin production, promoting your healthy and supple skin. 5% Niacinamide targets problem skin, helping your skin purge acne whilst working with Vitamin C to brighten skin and acne scarring.

Thanks to Prebiotics and Quora Noni, your skin will be supported and nourished by encouraging healthy bacteria that naturally occurs in your skin to reduce any bad bacteria on your skin. Our prebiotics balance your skins microbiota and stimulates lipid synthesis which restores hydration and strenghtens your skin. Quora Noni has been proven to balance the skin's microbiome, and blocks bacterial communication channels that create acne and blemishes. This powerhouse will purge your skin of toxins and remove excess oil from your skin. Lastly, our Colloidal Silver helps your skin to heal (hello pimple poppers!) whilst our Prebiotics and Quora Noni get to work in balancing and encouraging your healthy skin.

Clinically Proven With Consistent Use:

  • Double Ceramide Synthesis
  • A Third Increase In Lipid Synthesis (required for healthy skin function and maintaining moisture)
  • Normalises and Balances Skin Microbiota After 14 Days
  • Supports The Synthesis of Your Skin's Own Anti-Microbial Proteins Which Enhances Skin Defence (reduction of bad bacteria can assist decrease inflammation)
  • After 14 Days Skin Hydration Improves By 11.5%

Our Ingredients:

  • Promote Healing
  • Increase Collagen & Elasticin Production
  • Rebalances Skin
  • Regenerate & Renew
  • Targets Acne and Problematic Skin
Windyigarn Natural Skin Care
Windyigarn Natural Skin Care
Windyigarn Natural Skin Care
Windyigarn Natural Skin Care


You can expect your skin to feel healthier, softer and nourished. Your skin will be purged of toxins and enter a purification process where your skin will be balanced, promoting healthy skin with enhanced healing.

Yes our ingredients are natural. This product does contain a synthetic ingredient. Basically, this product is 99% natural.

This serum is safe to use for sensitive skin and has a PH of 5.


You can, but this would be overkill. You should only do this if your skin is in distress to quickly rebalance or hydrate your skin. You will find that you only need to use this mask 1 X weekly, but it is safe to use daily.